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How to Receive KFLA programming

KFLA's programs are available free over the air with an antenna and on most streaming platforms and devices like Roku, iPhone and Android devices, Google Play, Chromecast and others.

KFLA 's free over the air signal comes from Mt. Wilson.

All you need to receive KFLA and other over the air TV stations is an antenna. No cable Box - No satellite dish - No internet.

    Over the air broadcasts are:
  • Always free - there is never a charge to watch over the air TV
  • Best TV sources - the most watch TV channels are available free over the air. Over the air channels include. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox.
  • There are currently over 170 programs channels broadcast over the air in Los Angele and all are free.
  • New channels - there are many great new channels you can't get any other place.
  • Fewer commercials - over the air broadcasters typicall set lower limits on the unlike Cable and satellite channes, the FCC limits the amount of commercials free over the air channels
  • Highest Quality - over the air programs are transmitted in the highest quality - cable and satellite providers typically "compress" over the air TV stations signals to make room for additional channels. This compression can reduce the definition (sharpness) and other elements of the picture. Over the air broadcast are always the highest quality source for a particular station's programming.
  • Over the air TV is the most definative source for Emergency News and weather.

KFLA programs are also available on most streaming platforms like Roku, iPhone, Andriod, Google Play, Chromecast and others. Download the LocalBTV or LoCast app from your devices app store and enjoy!


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